How to use Google Search’s new Dall-E-like AI image generator


In the ever-evolving domain of artificial intelligence, Google has taken a remarkable step forward by introducing its Search Generative Experience (SGE) tool.

Did you know you can now generate AI images directly on Google Search? Find out how you can join the Labs program and access the Search Generative Experience tool.

This new feature enables users to generate images from textual prompts directly on Google Search, bridging the gap between imagination and visual representation in an unprecedented manner.

For professionals, designers, and the creatively inclined, this new venture by Google opens a cornucopia of possibilities.

The SGE tool is an initiative by Google to invigorate its Search Labs program, which is a hub for innovative and early-stage Google Search experiences.

The tool employs the prowess of the Imagen family of AI models to transmute textual queries into images. This feature, although reminiscent of Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator which utilizes OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 model, stands out with its unique capabilities and user-friendly interface.

The Bing Image Creator, launched earlier in March, has garnered popularity among users for custom image creation, yet Google’s SGE tool adds a new dimension with its seamless integration into the search engine we use daily.

Google has meticulously crafted SGE to ensure a safe and responsible user experience. The tool is engineered with multiple safeguards to avert the generation of harmful or inappropriate images.

For instance, it abstains from creating images that are in violation of Google’s stipulated prohibited use policy for generative AI. Moreover, it refrains from generating photorealistic faces or images of notable individuals to uphold privacy and ethical standards.

Each image birthed by SGE comes with metadata labeling and embedded watermarking, signifying its AI-generated nature. This transparent approach ensures users are well-informed about the source of the imagery they are interacting with.

What makes the SGE tool even more enticing is its age-restricted access, ensuring only users who are 18 or older can harness its capabilities. This age restriction reflects Google’s commitment to fostering a responsible environment for AI interaction and exploration.

In addition to image generation, SGE now boasts a feature that generates written drafts from text prompts, aiding in kickstarting your writing projects. Initially unveiled in May, the SGE tool was conceived as a means to augment Google’s search results with more interactive and engaging content.

Over time, it has blossomed with added features like video generation and enhanced linking, making it a more robust platform for digital creativity.

Now, let’s delve into how you can get your hands on this futuristic tool:

  1. Navigate to the Google app on your Android phone and ensure you are logged in with your Google Account.
  2. Seek the Labs icon situated at the top left corner. If it eludes your sight, fret not. Its availability is still in the nascent stage.
  3. Upon clicking, you might encounter a waitlist to access Labs. If so, click ‘Join Waitlist’ and await an email notification granting you entry.
  4. Once in, scout for the Search Generative Experience feature and activate it.

With SGE now activated, your journey into the realm of AI-driven creativity commences. Experiment with diverse prompts on Google Search.

For instance, a prompt like “draw a serene landscape with a bubbling brook” could translate into a visual feast. When SGE registers your prompt, expect to see a quartet of images based on it. Tapping on any image allows you to tweak your prompt for more refined outcomes.

Interestingly, SGE may also beckon you to craft AI-generated images in Google Images when you seek inspiration with queries like “modern home office setups” or “vibrant garden ideas.”

Although the full-fledged rollout of image generation capabilities is yet to grace other regions including India, one can still engage with SGE for AI-augmented search results at the zenith of your search results page.

This monumental stride by Google not only enriches the user experience but also heralds a new era where the amalgamation of text and imagery is not just seamless but exhilarating.

By joining the Google Labs program and accessing the Search Generative Experience tool, you’re not just staying ahead in the digital curve, you’re embracing a future where your creativity knows no bounds.

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